Oplix Skin System

A Quick Introduction

Oplix Skin System works really easily and smoothly. On a computer or laptop, we will install our Oplix Skin Software, by which you can make skins (from any material) or clear 360 degrees protection (Fine-Layer) for any device on the market. The process is really simple. Open the software, choose the Brand and the model of the device you want to make a skin or fine-layer product, put the material on the machine, and on a click of a button in less than 20-30 seconds, your final product will be ready to be installed on a device.

Oplix Skin Software

To work on Oplix Skin Software is really easy. The required experience to operate the software is just to hold a mouse and you are good to go. The software works always in 3 steps:

  1. Choose the brand of the device (the back and the front of your choice)
  2. Put the chosen material in the machine
  3. Click the button to start

We made sure that the process of making the skins must be easy and fast. That’s why we ensured that the software is easy to use for anyone. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes. With more than 3,000 models and loads of decals that you can download for free whenever something new comes up, you can serve and satisfy your customers at the fullest.

Every time we make updates to the software, we will update your software for free

The Cutter

We supply only the best machines on the market. Our machines are designed to support all kinds of the materials you are going to use. Hand picked and passing through our quality assurance, we guarantee a great product.

With our machines, you can cut through the really slim materials to really thick. This is made possible by the adjustable speed and force of our machines.

The machine is 100% compatible with our software and they work great together.


Our designs are carefully and well crafted by the most experienced engineers. All the designs are made for two types of cutting. One is for 360 degrees clear cover with Fine-Layer or the skin style of cutting with a front and the back crafted for a skin.

More than +3000 models to choose from. And beyond that, we give out free downloads for our software to make different decals, logos of favorite team or brand all the time, and much more on everything you like. We also make designs on request.

From one at a time to mass production

We also offer solutions for mass production of skins, tempered glass, screen protectors, full body cover, mobile phone cases, etc.

We offer the machinery and the whole set up to start your production when the demand increases with the finest quality of the machines and the support on everything.

We also supply the raw-materials for mass production of all the above mentioned products. The highest quality at the best price.

Please feel free to contact us or request consulting for more information.


Our software works on any computer or laptop that has a USB port and is running on Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Really easy to install, but our team is always ready to install it for you at no cost.

Feeling confident enough?

Don’t worry, our consulting team can assist you with anything that might be concerned about.

Request a quote now and one of our team members will be with you shortly and assist with everything you need.

We love what we do, and it is our pleasure to be on your service.