Why our materials

Our materials start at 120 microns thick. They are designed to have the perfect feeling of your devices design, while personalizing, protecting, and having a better grip of it. Traditional phone cases are bulky, annoying and ruin the whole perfect design work the smartphone makers have put into. The best solution – Oplix Materials. The skins made of our materials are tested to be weather resistant, water resistant, and light to the touch. More than 200 different types of the materials to wrap the phone and reflect your personality with the different types and different colors.

Why the quality is important

Why the quality is important – Most of the materials in the market get erased really easily by the touch. The oils from the skin and the environment damage the material much faster, not even giving you time to enjoy your new slick design. So, we made sure you will enjoy the skin and keep it for as long as you feel like it, unless you are ready to change to another one to keep it fresh. Our materials are made to survive in the outdoors for up to 2 years surviving different weather, cleaning, washing, and under the sun.


The adhesive in our materials is applied in a strategic way that makes the air bubbles not get stuck while installed on the device. By just a push with your finger the air bubbles will be removed. This makes the installation really easy.

Great Adhesive

We use the best adhesive for the materials. Not only it is applied on the strategic way, but it is also really strong that it will not be removed from your device without your will. But, when you want to remove it, it is really easy and does not let adhesive on the device.

Fine Touch

No matter if you chose wood, carbon fiber, or other patterns, all the materials have a fine touch and feel on your hand. Most of the materials have a 3D effect of the pattern that you can feel as if you were holding your device on a wooden case while saving the size and the design.


Our materials not only have a great feel, adhesion and are bubble free, they also protect your device on the best possible manner from scratches, falling, hitting, water, and many other risks we face every day to damage our devices.

Oplix Materials are the best!

Its safe to say that our materials are the best. All of them are designed to withstand all conditions and have a very long life. They do not get removed by themselves, edges stay on point and the best part, when you remove it, there is no residue of the adhesive left on your device. It is ready to get the next skin you plan to wrap it with. The feeling on our skins, depending on the pattern of the material, is exactly what you would expect. Installation is really easy because of the strategic application of the adhesive that lets bubbles of air be removed really easy. Protects your device from getting scratched, falling and other incidents that your device might experience.


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