Fine-Layer is a fine clear layer that is applied to your phone giving a 360 degrees coverage offering a better grip, scratch resistant, anti-shock with a nano shield protection.

Cover every edge of your screen and shield your phone everywhere. Fine-Layer offers the opportunity for a full coverage for the whole screen, while protecting it from dust, scratches and fingerprints.

Wet installation possible. We made it possible to install it wet because it makes it really simple for the user even without any experience to install the Fine-Layer by themselves.

Unbreakable. Fine-Layer is very resistant and absorbs all the shocks that are caused from dropping or hitting it with anything. Leaving your phone untouched and your Fine-Layer without any damages.

Fine-Layer is extremely protective on your device, and no matter how many times it crashes or drops, your Fine-Layer will be in a good shape. High resistance to scratching/abrasion, clear transparency, really soft touch and UV resistant.

In a few words, Fine-Layer has a high adhesion, very flexible, anti-shock, does not break, very durable to different conditions, dust-proof, water-proof, resistant edges, anti-oil and fingerprint. The only protection you need for your phone, all the latest technologies applied.

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