About Us

What we do & who we are

Oplix, a global consulting and developing company that sells and partakes in third-party distribution, providing and assisting entrepreneurs in trade making  is becoming a leader in the industry of mobile skins too. Oplix offers you the opportunity to develop and sell mobile skins right on the spot, all over the world.

The mass production of mobile phone cases is now behind the times, as it is being replaced by the more adaptable and versatile designs of the customized mobile phone cases. The primary goal to which every business aspires is being able to supply and keep every customer that enters their store happy. Due to the immense number of models and phones, and the verve of customers for customization, it is now increasingly difficult to entirely satisfy these customer needs. This is where the Oplix Skin System comes in to the rescue! We will set up your store, so you’re able to make all the custom designs, mobile cases and screen protectors in a matter of minutes.

Increase your sales with our system

You will be increasing your sales with our system because you will not have a “no, we don’t have that” for any of your customers. With the same piece of material, you will be able to make it for any model there is.

High ROI

Your ROI is very high. With the big profit margins we make your ROI the highest possible.

Very High-Quality

Our quality assurance team makes sure that we provide the best for you at all times. The materials are hand-picked, and our system is outstanding.

Made with great care

We provide all our products with great care, following the demand and creating new trends all the time. You will be there to supply it first.

Great customer support

We have a great support team. Whatever you need, any issue you might have, we will be here for you.


We support all the brands in the world



Oplix Consultants are experts in this field. Whether you want to start the business from scratch, develop this field or sell only, our capable team will be glad to help you get started in the Oplix Skin System. We can help you create a marketing strategy that maximizes your results while making the most of your advertising budget. Best of all, our consulting services are provided at no cost to you.


The mobile phone skins industry has been reported by all media as extravagantly profitable. With the Oplix Skin System, you are guaranteed to make profit margins as much as 10 times on ROI.

The Business Model

To start a business with our mobile phone accessories and skins can be as simple as a free-standing store (kiosk) in a shopping mall to a really advanced accessories shop. Our Oplix Skin System is made to fit you and your needs the best way possible. It’s ease of use, quick operation and high quality makes your store stand out almost immediately.

Working with us

We work with hundreds of resale partners, from small online stores to the largest retailers. We pride in the flexibility we offer, and the ease we provide the companies we work with in interaction and partnership. From basic re-seller, to a distributor, private label partner, drop-shipping, we are flexible at what we do and assure to offer you tailor made services because no company functions or works the same way.